AmNet: Who We Are

AmNet is owned and operated by guys who live and breathe computers. When your custom system is assembled, it is by people who regard each computer as a child leaving the nest, not by a minimum wage worker in Taiwan or a barn in North Dakota. For the life of the system we are eager to hear how it is doing, and to assist you in its care and maintenance.

Our single-minded devotion has produced products of such exacting specifications and quality that they are used by international corporations and the most prestigious universities in the world. Your computer may never need to keep communications satellites in orbit, unravel DNA sequences, or provide a multi-terabyte disk array solution, but you can feel confident that your 21st Century Box can.

AmNet -- Where do you want to go tomorrow?!

Joseph Volodarsky
Personal Linux advisor to Jon Katz and Robin "Roblimo" Miller of